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March Hibachi Madness is Here!

As many of us are getting hyped up for March Madness along with hoping that the Wisconsin Badgers receive a 1 seed, we're going to be giving away a $50 gift card to one lucky winner! It's as simple as posting a video to Instagram of your hibachi experience in March.

Instagram Rules:

Take a video of one of the following: You, your friends/family, your chef, flames, etc. while enjoying your hibachi experience with us.
Post it and include: #hibachimadness and @NakashimaWI
Once you post it, you’re good to go!

We reserve the right to disqualify any photo that is deemed “inappropriate” or any photo that isn’t following the guidelines listed above. All entries must be submitted by March 30, 2015. Only one entry per person will be accepted.

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#NakashimaPics Promo Is Here!

NakashimaPics Promo

Back by popular demand, we have an opportunity for you to win free Japanese Cuisine at one of our restaurants. It’s as easy as snapping a picture of you and your friends and family, or taking a picture of your favorite dish! We are giving away a $100 gift card to one of our social media fans. You can enter using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Just pick your favorite platform and follow these easy steps:

First, pick your platform of choice.


  1. Go to the app titled "Nakashima Pics" on Facebook (will not work on mobile)
  2. Fill out the simple form
  3. Make sure your email address correct, your email is checked often, and you submit your photo
  4. Hit submit and you’re good to go!

Twitter OR Instagram:

  1. Take a picture of one of the following things: You and/or your friends/family at one of our restaurants having a good time, or your food at one of our restaurants
  2. Post it and include BOTH of the following: #NakashimaPics and @NakashimaWI
  3. Once you post it, you’re good to go!

We reserve the right to disqualify any photo that is deemed “inappropriate” or any photo that isn’t following the guidelines listed above. All entries must be submitted by March 11, 2013. Only one entry per person will be accepted.

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Why Our Sister Restaurant is Named “Katsu-Ya of Japan”

Years ago, expanding our business to multiple locations within the Fox Cities was just a dream and a goal.  When we had the fire at the Appleton Nakashima of Japan, we were completely devastated and we didn’t even know if we were capable of reopening.  Our hopes of expanding turned into wishful thinking.  Our focus was only on rebuilding a business that will provide for our family.  When we reopened Nakashima of Japan, we were blindsided by the increase of business and were very thankful for our loyal customers that came back.  We soon looked at that fire as a complete “blessing in disguise.” 

Appleton Japanese Restaurant Katsu-YaWith the success of Nakashima of Japan, our dream of expanding turned from just a thought to a goal that we were going to accomplish.  Years later, we finally had the opportunity to pursue our goal and open a sister restaurant in downtown Appleton. 

We always thought that we would continue the “Nakashima of Japan” name for this new location since we wanted to provide the same menus with just the addition of yakiniku, but we wanted to remember my grandfather, Katsuyo, who passed away during the planning of this new restaurant.  Even though we named it after my grandfather, the name “Katsuyo” has been a popular name in the Nakashima Family.  My late great-grandmother also carried this name and as well as it being my sister’s middle name.  So it is very meaningful to my family and me. 

Appleton Japanese Restaurant Katsu-YaWell that’s the first part of the name, then we added on “Ya” because it translates to house or restaurant.  In Japan, it’s common for restaurants to add “Ya” at the end of the name.  We wanted to carry on the Japanese tradition and complete the name as “Katsu-Ya.”  In translation, we welcome our guests to “Katsu’s House!” So we didn’t name the new location “Katsu-Ya of Japan” just to confuse our guests! We chose this name to represent the Nakashima Family!

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Inside Nakashima Sushi in Appleton, WI

Tim and Lisa take a moment to give you an inside look at Nakashima of Japan as well as Katsu-Ya of Japan. Please enjoy!

Most sushi chefs learn from other experienced and respected sushi chefs in Japan. Cullinary school is an option but experience definitely looks better on a résumé. Typically one would start working in a sushi restaurant as a dish washer (for example) and move their way up or even just start as a prep-guy for the head sushi chef and they learn more as the months and years go by. It takes a lifetime to master.

The chefs here have over 30 years of experience and most of our chefs are right from Japan from either Tokyo or Fukuoka.

Have any other questions about our heritage or what goes into the delicate art of making sushi? Please let us know and we'd be happy to answer!

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Thank you everyone for being so patient with us in getting our new website up and running! We hope the new format is more helpful in getting to know our company, our locations, our chefs, and most importantly, our food! Thank you Graf Technology, BConnected, and Number One Marketing for all your help!

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