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Inside Nakashima Sushi in Appleton, WI

Tim and Lisa take a moment to give you an inside look at Nakashima of Japan as well as Katsu-Ya of Japan. Please enjoy!

Most sushi chefs learn from other experienced and respected sushi chefs in Japan. Cullinary school is an option but experience definitely looks better on a résumé. Typically one would start working in a sushi restaurant as a dish washer (for example) and move their way up or even just start as a prep-guy for the head sushi chef and they learn more as the months and years go by. It takes a lifetime to master.

The chefs here have over 30 years of experience and most of our chefs are right from Japan from either Tokyo or Fukuoka.

Have any other questions about our heritage or what goes into the delicate art of making sushi? Please let us know and we'd be happy to answer!

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