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Why Our Sister Restaurant is Named “Katsu-Ya of Japan”

Years ago, expanding our business to multiple locations within the Fox Cities was just a dream and a goal.  When we had the fire at the Appleton Nakashima of Japan, we were completely devastated and we didn’t even know if we were capable of reopening.  Our hopes of expanding turned into wishful thinking.  Our focus was only on rebuilding a business that will provide for our family.  When we reopened Nakashima of Japan, we were blindsided by the increase of business and were very thankful for our loyal customers that came back.  We soon looked at that fire as a complete “blessing in disguise.” 

Appleton Japanese Restaurant Katsu-YaWith the success of Nakashima of Japan, our dream of expanding turned from just a thought to a goal that we were going to accomplish.  Years later, we finally had the opportunity to pursue our goal and open a sister restaurant in downtown Appleton. 

We always thought that we would continue the “Nakashima of Japan” name for this new location since we wanted to provide the same menus with just the addition of yakiniku, but we wanted to remember my grandfather, Katsuyo, who passed away during the planning of this new restaurant.  Even though we named it after my grandfather, the name “Katsuyo” has been a popular name in the Nakashima Family.  My late great-grandmother also carried this name and as well as it being my sister’s middle name.  So it is very meaningful to my family and me. 

Appleton Japanese Restaurant Katsu-YaWell that’s the first part of the name, then we added on “Ya” because it translates to house or restaurant.  In Japan, it’s common for restaurants to add “Ya” at the end of the name.  We wanted to carry on the Japanese tradition and complete the name as “Katsu-Ya.”  In translation, we welcome our guests to “Katsu’s House!” So we didn’t name the new location “Katsu-Ya of Japan” just to confuse our guests! We chose this name to represent the Nakashima Family!

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