Nakashima Katsu Ya


Nakashima of Japan and Katsu-Ya offers both Hibachi and Sushi Dining. Hibachi is where our chef prepares your dinner in front of you while flipping salt and pepper shakers, spatulas, forks, or whatever else he finds...maybe even your food! The food tastes as great as their show looks.

Sushi is the embodiment of the Japanese culture. The simplicity of nature manipulated by the chef's hand to show how simple, yet how complex, nature is. You enjoy the quality of the ingredient you are eating.  We take the freshest fish or vegetable, wrap it in vinegar rice and roasted seaweed for a taste that is simple satori (enlightenment). Despite common misconceptions, not all sushi is uncooked fish. We also feature cooked items on the menu.

We try to keep the heritage of Japan alive in our dishes as well as appeal to our American customers.  We have rolls the Japanese have been making for centuries such as the Negihamachi Maki and the Tekka Maki. We also have some that never left the borders of the dairy state. Our Red Dragon Roll and Nakashima Roll we invented right here. So come and travel to Japan using nothing but your taste buds.